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Crochet, knit, and sewn items for a newborn baby's needs

Tea Towel Bibs

Sample towel bibs and directions donated by
Hearts and Crafts member, Barbara Hutcheson

Towel Bib

Towel Bib with Pacifier

Back of Towel Bib

Find ordinary dish towels with patterns on both ends of the towel suitable for children or babies. Cut the towel evenly into two pieces. Cut a piece of knit jersey ribbing 12" long (unstretched) and sew the ends together in a ¼" seam. Fold the ribbing in half wrong sides together to make a collar. Pin the top, unfinished edge of the towel to the piece of knit jersey ribbing...starting about 1½" from the seam in the ribbing, stretching the ribbing to fit the towel, and ending about 1½" from the other side of the seam in the ribbing (i.e., leaving about 3" of ribbing not pinned to the towel). Sew the towel to the ribbing along this pinned edge.

Note: This works best if sewn with a serger. The edge of the ribbing not sewn to the towel (the back of the towel) can be finished off with the serger also. If you do not have a serger, this edge will need to be finished off in a way that allows it to continue to be stretched.

Another idea: A pacifier can be added to the towel by sewing a 11" piece of grosgrain ribbon to the towel in the same seam as used to attach the knit jersey ribbing to the towel. Sew a small hem in the free end of the ribbon. Apply a large snap to the free end of the ribbon making about a 1" loop. Secure the pacifier to the ribbon and snap in place.

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