Miracles Happen...

Crochet, knit, and sewn items for a newborn baby's needs

Scrappy Baby Quilt

Designed By - Joan Liuzzi

Doll (named Annie) hand made by Christine Hohenshilt;
courtesy of her daughter, Jean Tuzinski
(Scrappy quilts made by Joan Liuzzi)

(approximate finished size: 27" x 37")

Prewash all fabrics-Baby quilts will be washed often, so shrink up your fabric before Mom does!

Cut 5" squares from your assorted scraps of cotton fabric. Try alternating white squares with prints.

Arrange your squares in a pleasing layout. Using ¼" seams, sew 6 rows of 8 blocks each. Press seams towards the darker fabrics. Sew the 6 rows together, matching seams. Press all.

Cut batting (or flannel) the same size as your "scrappy" quilt top.

Cut quilt backing fabric 1½" larger than the "scrappy" quilt top-on all sides.

Pin quilt top to batting and to quilt backing. Thread a long-eyed needle with a sharp point with heavy embroidery floss or with worsted weight knitting yarn. Starting on top of the quilt (at one of the corners where the fabric squares join) push the needle straight through all three layers of your quilt, leaving a 4" tag end on top. Come up, go down again in the same hole as the first stitch, and come up once more (as shown in the diagram). Tie the two tag ends together in a square knot: right over left, left over right. Snip the ends evenly to the desired length. Join the quilt layers at the corners of each square in the same fashion.

Tying with a square knot
If quilt is being made for an older child, the quilt layers may be joined with buttons, as shown .

Quilt tied with a square knot

Press the 1½" allowance (of the quilt backing) in half toward the quilt top-This is your binding-Press again, and pin in place.

Top-stitch or hand sew binding on all 4 sides.

Fold and send quilt to a special baby!!


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