Miracles Happen...

Crochet, knit, and sewn items for a newborn baby's needs

Miracles Happen – Knit Seed Stitch Border Blanket

Designed by Lisa F.
Blankets designed and hand made by Lisa F.
Hand made crochet dolls (? Raggedy Ann and Andy) courtesy of Jean Hall Hinckley

Gauge: 8 sts and 12 rows in straight stitch on US 15 knitting needles = 4 inch square
Needles: 1 set of 2 single pointed size US 15 knitting needles 
Yarn: Super Bulky Red Heart Brand Baby Clouds; 100% Acrylic
         #3 skeins (105 yard each) or #2 skeins (140 yard each)

Directions: Cast on 59 stitches (must be odd number of stitches).
     (All rows throughout project begin with a knit stitch. This is why an odd number of stitches is required in each row.)

ROW 1: K1, P1, repeat to last stitch, K1.

ROWS 2-12: repeat row 1.

ROW 13:  *K1, P1* (4x) Knit to last 9 stitches, *K1, P1* (4X).  Knit the last st.

ROW 14: K1, P1 (4x), K1, Purl to last 9 stitches, K1, P1 four times, K the last stitch.

Repeat rows 13-14 times more till length is 3.5 inches shorter then desired length.

NEXT ROW: repeat row 1 (12X) for a total of 12 rows.

Creative Notes:
If you want to decrease the measurements of the border do 7 stitches for the seed stitch boarder and 10 rows instead of 12.

And if you want the blanket to be larger, cast on 2 more stitches for each inch you want it to be wider. (i.e., for a 32 x 32 inch blanket cast on 6 more stitches)… and knit 6-8 additional rows 13-14 (to make it longer).

The border of the blanket may also be made with a garter stitch.

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