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Crochet, knit, and sewn items for a newborn baby's needs

Knit Seed Stitch Baby's Cap with Tie

Pattern version adapted by Sue W. Thompson from pattern in Vogue Knitting (Fall 1993)

Doll and Knit Cap hand made by Sue W. Thompson


2 oz. DK yarn
Circular knitting needles (or sets of 4 dp knitting needles) sizes 3 (3¼ mm) and 5 (3¾ mm)
Stitch marker
Stitch holder


16 sts and 32 rows to 4"/10cm over seed st using 5 (3¾ mm) knitting needles


Rnd 1 - *K1, p1; rep around.
Rnd 2 - K the purl sts, p the k sts. Rep. round 2 for seed st.


With size 3 needle, cast on 72 sts. If using dp needles, divide sts evenly between 3 needles. Join, being sure not to twist the sts. Mark beg of round. Work in k3, p3 rib for 1½". Change to size 5 needle(s) and work in seed st until piece measures 2¾" from beg.

Crown Shaping

Rnd 1 - Continue in seed st, *work 20 sts, work 2 sts tog twice- double dec ; rep from * for 2 times more, work to end of round-66 sts. Work 4 rounds even.
Next Rnd - *work 7 sts, work double dec; rep from * 5 times more, work to end of rnd-54 sts. Work 2 rnds even.

Shape Tie End

Next Rnd - With larger [size 5 needle(s)], work 27 sts as established, slip remaining 27 sts to stitch holder. Work back and forth on 27 sts as follows:
Next Row - Continuing in pattern, work 2 sts together at beginning and end of row-25 sts.
Work 1 row even. Continue to decrease 1 st each side every RS row 3 times more-19 sts. Work 3 rows even. Bind off 2 sts at beginning of next 2 rows-15 sts. Change to size 3 knitting needle.
Next Row - (RS) Sl 1, work next st as established, psso. Repeat last row until 8 sts remain. Work even until piece measures 3"/7.5cm above first bound-off sts. Dec 1 st at beginning of next 2 rows-6 sts. Work even for 1"/2.5cm. Dec 1 st at beginning of each row until 2 sts remain. K2tog. Bind off. Work second tie end to correspond to first.


Sew crown seams to point at which bound-off sts become tie ends.
Tie tie ends in loose half-knot.

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