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Knit Circle Baby Blanket

Pattern designed by Sue W. Thompson

Handmade felt doll courtesy of Historical Society of Kent County, MD
(Felt Doll from collection of handmade dolls by Elizabeth Christian Stirling, Still Pond, Kent Co., MD.  Donated by Patsy Skirven Reihl)

Circle blanket hand made by Sue W. Thompson

This is an easy to knit pattern.  It is made in 18 triangular wedges to form a circle.

12 oz. 4-ply white yarn; 1 pair #6 knitting needles (14" long)

Finished size:
40" diameter, including the fringe


Cast on 60 sts.

Row 1: K even.

Row 2: K 57 sts, turn.

Row 3: K to end of row (outside edge).

Rows 4-39: Repeat rows 2 and 3, knitting 3 sts less each time on the even rows until 3 sts are left at the outside edge. Turn, k to outside edge.

Rows 40-41: K 60. This makes one wedge.

Repeat rows 2-41 eighteen times so you have 18 wedges to make a circle. When the last wedge is finished, bind off.

Sew edge of last wedge to edge of first wedge, making a closed circle.  Thread yarn through stitches around small opening at the inner part of the circle and draw up tightly…closing that small circle.  Fasten off. 

Add a shell stitch border to the outer edge of the blanket as follows:  *Dc 5 sts in same hole, skip a st, sl st into next st.*  Repeat ** around.

(Sample blanket works out to have five shell sts at outer edge of each knit wedge.)

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