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Fabric Quilt With a Theme
Machine Quilting

Designed By- Sue W. Thompson

Doll (named Annie) hand made by Christine Hohenshilt; courtesy of her daughter, Jean Tuzinski
(Cat-themed quilt made by Sue W. Thompson)

Quilt Sizes:

Standard Bed Measurement

Approximate Quilt Size




27"x 52"

30" x 36"

36" x 60"


39" x 75"

65" x 88"

Double (Full)

54" x 75"

80" x 88"


60" x 80"

86" x 92"


76" x 80"

92" x 104"

Quilts can be made with a theme (cats, dogs, angels, giraffes, chickens, butterflies, flowers, etc.) using five inch squares all cut from fabric displaying that theme...and then machine quilting done with a design of the particular theme you are using. The quilt shown above was made entirely with a variety of cotton fabrics showing a cat theme. It was then machine quilted with a pattern that is in the shape of a cat.


  1. Purchase a variety of fabrics displaying whatever theme you are using (i.e., cat, dog, etc.). I have found that it is easiest to do this by purchasing small quantities of fabric (fat quarters or ½ yard) by bidding for them on EBay. To find cat-themed fabrics, just search for "cat fabric". Be sure that the pattern on the fabric is small enough to be easily displayed on a five inch square of the fabric. (You probably don't want very large prints.) If you only want a few specific colors in your fabrics, be sure to just look for fabric showing those colors.

    Purchase fabric for the quilt backing that has a plain or nearly-plain pattern. A more ornate type of pattern in the fabric will camouflage the machine stitching that will be in the particular pattern you decide upon (i.e., cat, dog, etc.)

  2. Prewash your cotton fabrics so they won't shrink later.

  3. Cut five inch squares from each fabric-making sure your theme is adequately displayed in the square. You may need to 'waste' some of the fabric in order to get the particular theme aligned in your square the way you would like.

  4. Arrange your squares in a pleasing layout. Using ¼" seams, sew fabric squares into rows the length you want the quilt to be. Press seams towards one end of the rows. Having the seams ironed in opposite directions where you will be joining the rows, sew the rows together, matching seams. Press seams open.

  5. Cut batting the same size as your quilt top.

  6. Cut quilt backing fabric larger (at least 1½") than the quilt top-on all sides. This extra quilt backing fabric will become the binding that will be the edge of your quilt.

  7. Pin quilt top to batting and to quilt backing so that all lie flat...and edges of quilt backing extend at least 1½" beyond edges of quilt top and batting. Machine stitch the quilting design (i.e., cat, dog, etc.) onto your quilt using a thread that will contrast with your quilt backing. Trim the quilt backing evenly to 1½". Press the 1½" allowance in half toward the quilt top-This is your binding-Press again, and pin in place. Top-stitch or hand sew binding on all 4 sides, mitering the corners.

Butterfly & Rose machine quilting pattern

Giraffe machine quilting pattern

Cat machine quilting pattern

Horse machine quilting pattern

Chicken & Egg quilting pattern

Ballet bear machine quilting pattern #1

Ballet bear machine quilting pattern #2

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