Miracles Happen...

Crochet, knit, and sewn items for a newborn baby's needs

Miracles Happen...Care Bear

(Care Bear made by Sue W. Thompson)

Materials: Soft flannel or other soft fabric
  Contrasting sewing thread
  Nontoxic fabric paint - various colors
  Polyester fiberfill
  Pattern for bear and bear's muzzle (here)

With right sides of fabric facing out, fold fabric in half and trace bear pattern onto one side. Sew with zigzag stitches (short stitches...very close together) from inner edge of one ear, around the traced perimeter of the bear to the inner edge of the other ear - leaving the top of the bear's head open for stuffing. Cut fabric about ¼" outside of stitching with pinking shears...leaving the fabric at the top of the head uncut. With fabric paint, apply features that you desire.

Note: I use a pattern to trace the muzzle around the nose and mouth. I then 'paint' the facial features and the paws and ears. I then hang' the bear on a cork bulletin board (next to my sewing machine) with a stick pin and allow the fabric paint several hours to dry.

Stuff the bear with polyester fiberfill, being sure to fill out the feet, paws, and ears. Push the stuffing down away from the top of the head a bit and sew the top of the head with a zigzag stitch. Using the pinking shears, trim excess fabric from the top of the head.

Note: These care bears can also be donated to local police and fire departments....to be given out to children in distress.

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