Miracles Happen...

Crochet, knit, and sewn items for a newborn baby's needs

Baby Burial Wrap

Doll loaned for photos courtesy of Maureen Wheatley


Cut two fabric squares…any size that will be large enough to wrap a newborn baby.  (Note: Hospitals need these for full term babies as well as for all sizes of preemie babies.)

With right sides of fabric together, sew the two squares together by sewing about ¼ or ½ inch seam around the edges…leaving part of one edge open for turning. 

Trim corners.

Turn so that the right side of the fabric is on the outside.  Press. 

Sew open edge closed (very close to the outside edge of the opening). 

With matching (or contrasting thread), sew around the perimeter of the wrap about ¼ inch from the edge.  (You may use a plain running stitch for this, or one of the decorative stitches available on most sewing machines.)

Sew center of about 3-4 ft. of ribbon to (upper) center of wrap.


Fold up bottom of wrap and then fold both sides in towards center.  Make sure top opening is large enough to insert prayer card.  Bring ribbon to the front of the wrap and tie in bow.  Insert prayer card.

Print up prayer cards (here) on matte brochure paper.  (You can print two cards on each 81/2x11 piece of brochure paper.) 

Cut in half.  Present burial wraps to hospital with note as below….using your own contact information.

    These cards with a non-denominational prayer on them go with burial wraps that can be used by hospitals for stillborn babies and babies that are born so premature that they are unable to sustain life.  The nurses should stamp an imprint of the baby’s footprints on the back…and then they are presented to the family.


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