Miracles Happen...

Crochet, knit, and sewn items for a newborn baby's needs

Miracles Happen...

Do you knit? Crochet? Sew?
Would you like to use this skill to help provide for a newborn baby's early needs?

Miracles Happen is a project to do just that, and we are inviting you to join us.

Sometimes, when a woman is pregnant, she experiences feelings of confusion, she may feel scared, or helpless. Her whole world is changing and she doesn't know what to do. Many women have their own resources (family, friends, medical professionals) to turn to in this time of need. But many do not. Staff at pregnancy crisis centers are there to listen to these women, to share their concerns, and to offer real hope for their future.

Miracles Happen is a network of volunteers who make and distribute handmade items for a newborn baby's early needs.

If you are interested and would like more information, please explore this site then contact me.

Sue W. Thompson

e-mail : pachydermplace@hotmail.com


Personal Note...

Many pregnancy crisis centers are available to those in need solely because local churches (generally Christian churches) support them. Because of their religious beliefs, many of these centers do not teach birth control methods other than abstinence and many encourage new mothers to give their new babies up for adoption if they choose not to keep the baby. They do not encourage abortion as an option. Some of the pregnancy crisis centers of today were the 'anti-abortion' centers of yesterday.

While the above is true of many current pregnancy crisis centers, it is not true of all of them. There are some pregnancy crisis centers today that provide support for the new mother and her baby without regard to whether or not the mother decides upon abortion, adoption, or keeping the baby. And, there are some pregnancy crisis centers today that teach and encourage other forms of birth control.

I have chosen to stay out of the politics of pregnancy crisis centers. While I do have my own opinions on the subject, I do not want to sit in a position of judgment. I have chosen to take the stand that all of the pregnancy crisis centers of today provide a needed service, seeing no evidence to date to indicate that local, state, and/or federal governments provide this service. My intention is to provide needed items for the newborns and their mothers no matter where they go to seek help.

Sue W. Thompson