Miracles Happen...

Crochet, knit, and sewn items for a newborn baby's needs

Miracles Happen: Guidelines

Purpose: Collect and distribute hand made items to pregnancy crisis centers for a baby's early needs.

Criteria for the baby items:

**Nearly new or new baby items of all types will be accepted and distributed to pregnancy crisis centers for their needs.


  1. Softer yarns (such as cotton) are more comfortable.
  2. Lion Brand MICRO-SPUN yarn is a very soft yarn (and is 100% Acrylic and Machine Washable & Dryable).
  3. Items made with thinner yarn would be better for summer weather use.
  4. Cotton is great for summer items and warmer climates as it is cooler than most other types of yarn.
  5. Most of our knit & crochet patterns work well with thinner, cotton yarns as well as with worsted weight yarns.
  6. Wool is ok but not preferred because some babies are allergic to animal fibers--plus wool yarns tend to be less soft. Please identify all items that contain wool so that we might add this information to the label.
  7. Any pattern can be used but check out the patterns on our website
  8. Recycle clean towels by using them to make bibs and burping pads. Prewash them in a mild 'baby friendly' soap such as Dreft or Ivory.

We encourage you to send us any patterns you would like to share. We can share them on our website or provide them to knitting groups who request new pattern ideas.

Everything I need to know is on the submission form but in summary:

Please send completed baby items, along with a completed submission form to:

Sue W. Thompson
62691 E. Border Rock Road
Tucson, AZ 85739


Contact Sue Thompson
e-mail: pachydermplace@hotmail.com
Phone: 410-643-5767