Miracles Happen...

Crochet, knit, and sewn items for a newborn baby's needs

Do you knit? Crochet? Sew?
Would you like to use this skill to help provide for a newborn baby's early needs?

Miracles Happen is a project to do just that, and we are inviting you to join us.

Sometimes when a woman is pregnant, she experiences feelings of confusion, she may feel scared, or helpless. Her whole world is changing and she doesn't know what to do. Many women have their own resources (family, friends, medical professionals) to turn to in this time of need. But many do not.

Staff at pregnancy crisis centers and maternity homes are there to listen to these women, To share their concerns, and to offer real hope for their future.

Miracles Happen is a network of volunteers who make and distribute handmade items for a newborn baby's early needs.


If you are interested and would like more information, please explore this site then contact me.

Sue W. Thompson
e-mail : pachydermplace@hotmail.com

If you have benefited from this project and would like to post an idea or encouragement, please see our guestbook.

If you would like to volunteer, please email us directly.

If you have been making baby items for a pregnancy crisis center or maternity home in your area, please email us and send a photo or note so we can include you in the Valued Volunteers section.


Newborn baby items are useful for any new mother and child, whether needy or not. Send us your ideas of other uses and needs for them through email or the guestbook.


Miracles Happen is increasingly costly for me. I receive and label the items and mail them along with a batch of about 30 brochures to pregnancy crisis centers and maternity homes throughout the country. Postage increases my expenses. Printer ink and paper for the brochures is costly also. I am retired and on a fixed income. Please donate a dollar or two if you are inclined and able to do so. Thanks!